Welcome to my blog!

My name is Anselm Raja. I’m a student of IT (Information Technology) i really love it because it’s not job, interest it’s my love and passion but as a hobby i’m a photographer i’m happy to chose this factor in my life because it is a sense to listen things that never talk actually. I’m not a professional but i hope i’ll be soon because nobody can direct go onto the roof simply step by step we make easy even better everything .

This blog will feature my new and updated posts of photography with my personal thoughts.

I know that you must appreciate me on browsing my photos, quotes and many more. I’m hardworking to provide you good and amazing contents on this platform. I hope you’ll enjoy it, have fun.

For compliments and suggestions freely contact me at contact page by your e-mail or simply you can contact me on Facebook.I’m sure to back you reply as soon as possible.

Thanking in Anticipation.